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Government Affairs Moves Online

Government Affairs Moves Online

Government Affairs Moves Online

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Poligage Launches To Make World Class Public Policy and Government Affairs Expertise Accessible to All; Jim Messina and Juanita Duggan Join Poligage Advisory Council

Poligage has launched as the world’s first online marketplace exclusively for policy and government affairs, connecting those seeking expertise with on-demand access to a vetted group of over 100 world-class public policy and government affairs experts. Jim Messina, CEO of The Messina Group who has transformed campaigns and elections globally using technology since masterminding the 2012 Obama-Biden re-election campaign, and Juanita Duggan, Founder of Clarifyd who formerly served as leader of numerous prominent trade associations and in other government affairs leadership capacities, have joined the Poligage Advisory Council.

“We’re hearing every day that businesses and organizations around the world need new methods of discovery and engagement of expertise in the business-critical government affairs realm as a result of the now largely virtual work world,” said Poligage Founder and CEO, Christine Davies. “Technology like an online marketplace can provide the connective tissue for a very fragmented industry and also provide efficiency of discovery and engagement for those seeking connection with experts. We are pleased to welcome Jim and Juanita to our Advisory Council to further Poligage’s mission.”

Davies founded Poligage after 20 years in the government affairs and engagement space, with leadership roles in the government, business, technology, and not-for-profit sectors both in the United States and internationally. “What began as a vision for creating a new way of doing business online for the government affairs industry has been dramatically accelerated by the massive disruption we are witnessing today,” said Davies. “What initially felt like a market need in creating Poligage has now become a market imperative.”

The Poligage marketplace offers expertise coverage in ten key knowledge areas, ranging from global, U.S. federal, and U.S. state and municipal policy and government engagement issues, to public affairs expertise that can help develop and maintain an organization’s reputation with government stakeholders. More than 100 vetted experts are already discoverable through Poligage, including former Members of Congress, Ambassadors, White House and agency/department officials, state and local government officials, international affairs experts, executives from major corporations and trade associations, and advisors for both the Democratic and Republican Parties.

Poligage experts are found through a quick and transparent search and filter process at They are available for paid private virtual consultations, digital content, and project bidding, all of which is managed through the Poligage platform. Customers are expected to range from organizations with an established government affairs footprint that need help with knowledge gaps and bandwidth issues, to those without a government affairs function that recognize the urgent need of getting better informed and engaged in this realm. All that is required to discover and engage Poligage experts is to set up a free account at There are no subscription charges or other additional fees for use.

“I’ve run five major trade associations that have extensive government affairs mandates and departments. Poligage is the first solution I’ve seen that offers such incredible value through its flexible approach, enabling organizations to engage per consultation and per project,” said Juanita Duggan, new Poligage Senior Advisor. “Retainers still have an important place in our industry, but the ability to engage world class experts for quick hits of insight and advice, and to monetize shorter term engagements, is a win for all involved.”

“I view Poligage as an opportunity to transform the landscape of government affairs,” said Jim Messina, new Poligage Advisor. “Poligage is an exciting and reinventive platform that will help organizations have access to world class policy and government affairs expertise that will give them an advantage in achieving their political and commercial goals.”

Based on data analyzed by the Sunlight Foundation, roughly $10B is spent each year on government affairs-related activities in Washington, DC alone, not to mention the billions of additional dollars spent across the United States and around the world helping companies navigate government activities. Yet many sources, including McKinsey and the Harvard Business Review, cite ongoing challenges that most organizations have in developing effective government affairs efforts.

“I have spent too many hours searching for expertise on an emerging government affairs issue, or seeking a second or third opinion on a quickly moving issue,” said Poligage Senior Advisor and President of New Lantern Partners, Ed Ingle, who formerly served as General Manager for Government Affairs at Microsoft. “Poligage offers a ground-breaking solution that saves time and effort to quickly identify and engage expertise in all of the key areas of government affairs. The world class network of Poligage experts, and the ease in connecting with them through the platform, is going to be very attractive to organizations, whether they already have a footprint in government affairs or not.”

Companies and other organizations have been growing their engagement with on-demand advisors in recent years. According to a recent article in Forbes, 35% of companies already use on-demand knowledge advisors with high satisfaction, and these trends are expected to grow even more over the coming years. Additionally, a recent report by the Brookings Institution offers evidence that remote work will increase dramatically, with new work habits and routines being formed as a result of the pandemic.

“We expect working from home will have a ripple effect on key work-related activities, such as networking and business development,” said Poligage Advisor Judy Benn, who most recently served as Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand and was the Founding Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar. “Poligage has been developed at a time when normal networking and business development channels have been severely disrupted and organizations are pivoting into new methods of engagement.”

“Professional service marketplaces are one of the fastest growing areas in service digitization, helping to reduce friction and fragmentation issues while keeping overhead costs lower than a typical consulting firm can.” said CEO Davies, who will soon undertake a seed capital fundraising effort. “But more than anything, I’m excited to expand the government affairs industry by making it more accessible and engageable by companies and organizations around the world through Poligage.”

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