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Every day, companies and other institutions are faced with decisions to make based on the activities of the U.S. Government, U.S. State and Municipal Governments, and Global Governments. They are also called on to thoughtfully prepare for and influence policy issues that are under development, as well as deal with crises, all of which could impact their bottom lines. Poligage provides a gateway for these institutions to connect with talented professionals who can provide the advice and/or action that is needed to advance public policy and government affairs objectives.

Poligage’s Community of Experts consists of deeply experienced and reputable professionals who have been referred and endorsed by those professionals already in our network.

If you have already been invited to join the Poligage Experts Network, please follow the instructions that were shared with you in your welcome communication.

If you are interested in joining the Poligage Experts Network, please apply below – and be sure to note the recommendation letter that is requested to come from a current Poligage Expert Network Member or recent client.

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